Thursday, July 13, 2006

Home again

We have just returned home after leaving Vancouver on Wednesday morning. The trip to Vancouver and Victoria was excellent. We were able to visit with Mark, see friends, wander around both cities and generally have a holiday.

If you have never driven across the Canadian Rockies I highly recommend it. Since our sons both attended the University of British Columbia we have done the trip quite a number of times. It never ceases to amaze me. I am placing a few pictures in this entry. I don't really take good pictures - especially from a moving car - but they will convey the idea of the mountains and the scenery.

I enjoy driving through the mountains but being a prairie boy there is a sensation of liberation when we are on the highway between Canmore and Calgary. We leave the mountains behind us. Then the drudgery of driving through Calgary.

But east of Calgary the skies open and the horizon stretches out in ways that are spectacular. The grandeur of the mountains is awe inspiring but for me the vastness of the prairie sky can't be beat.

It is freedom, it is space, it is openness. Nothing beats being able to stand by the side of the road and seeing the horizon on all sides.

The pictures don't really show the beauty of the mountains or the prairies - but they are mine - such as they are


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