Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ranch Ehrlo

I was appointed to the Board of the Ranch Ehrlo Society earlier this fall and I attended my first full Board meeting yesterday. You can read all about the Ranch at this url

It really is quite an incredible place. Right after I was appointed I was invited, along with the other new Board members to tour the facilities and look at the different programs offered. That tour took half a day traveling from the home campus in Pilot Butte to many different locations in Regina. There are also programs and facilities elsewhere in Saskatchewan.

What impressed me most when we toured was the enthusiasm and commitment of the staff. Everyone was on the same page when it came to dealing with the youth. Understanding, stabilization, caring, attention to the needs and history of the child and then substantial work to help the child become independent, skilled, confident and capable adults.

The Board meeting wasn't long and fairly informal but the impression of competence and getting things done, on the staff and board levels, was very strong.


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