Friday, January 08, 2010

Feeling Guilty

How can something that is voluntary, supposed to be fun and is put out to the world so that strangers can see into my life cause so much guilt? As you can see by looking at my blog I have not been very faithful at writing entries over the last few months.

But I did write one just after new year's and I have been amazed at what has happened since. Perhaps it was because of the picture of me and my new granddaughter or perhaps it was something else but I have received many (more than 30) emails from people. They have congratulated me on my new granddaughter and each one also mentioned that they were happy to see me back on the blog.

I haven't written anything serious in the blog for months and yet it seems that these folks come back regularly (or have their google reader alert them) to see if I have written anything more. That amazes me.

It also amazes me that since I began this blog it has been on my mind. I go through my day looking for things that I can write about. And if I don't make an entry on a particular day I feel disappointed.

It isn't that I don't have things to say - probably too many things are on my mind.

I marvel at other people's blogs. I read a few regularly. One person's blog has hundreds of entries each year and has something important to say in every blog. That's intimidating.

But I'll continue feeling like I've missed something if I don't write in the blog every day and I'll continue to remind myself that some people are interested.

Perhaps there will be more entries


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