Thursday, September 02, 2010

Mark and Reesa's Wedding Part 2

Friday was spent welcoming friends and relatives. Reesa, her Mom, Mark, Stacey. Jay, Dori and Riley had breakfast with me and Helene in the hotel restaurant. And then we hung out in the lobby and welcomed people as they showed up.

Roberta, Carman, Jonathon and Marla, Sonia, Shelley and Zev, Bernie and Adon, Jack, Tammy, Laura, Zach, Alana and Jordan all arrived and were greeted by me and Helene. Our job was to say hi and then to show everyone Riley. Of course it was her Zaida that she wanted!!!

Lunch was Thai on Denman with Jay, Dori and Riley with Stacey joining us after a bit.

More sitting and visiting and then I took Jay, Dori and Riley back to the their hotel, waited for Jay to change and then back to the Bayshore.

A quick shower and then we all went to the first real event of the wedding weekend. Mark and Reesa had chartered a cruise (The Magic Moments) for their friends and a few family members. A dj played, hors d’ouevre and dessert were served. And it goes without saying that drinks were served.

The cruise took us to an area called Indian Arm. The scenery was beautiful passing through a sort of inner passage - mountains, homes, scenery - were all spectacular.

It was fun meeting Mark and Reesa's friend and spending time with our families. I've met many of their friends before so we did a lot of catching up. Mark and Reesa have an interesting cast of friends. They are all interesting and each has their own interesting stories. We also finally met members of Mark's latest band - Bison BC. It turns out that James (a Bison member) is originally from Winnipeg so there was lots to talk about.

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Blogger Toy Yoeam said...

wow what does it cost to charter a cruise I been googling over and over. is this something for rich arab oil sheiks do or just average wealthily people I am confused.

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