Thursday, November 30, 2006

The old and the new

Three things happened today that have stimulated me to think about the old and the new.

I was visiting interns today and the conversation turned to what other courses could be taught in a business education program in a high school.

Later in the day I was reminded of a conversation I had with a friend and colleague about what the future held for business education.

And earlier in the day I heard more rumours about what seems to be a fragile state of affairs in my university.

Do the answers get foggier as we get old?

When I came to the university - to my eyes - even though it was a young institution - it seemed to be solid, people knew what they were doing, where they were headed and why. It seemed to me that the more experienced people were wise, stable, decisive and productive.

When I began as a business education teacher the content and rationale was easily available, I seemed to know what it meant and conducted my career accordingly. There never seemed to be questions about whether the future of the area was dim or bright.

Is it really the times or is it my perception? Were things not as solid and stable back then but just seemed that way to me because I wasn't experienced or wise enough or smart enough to see the grey areas?

Or is it just the need to hold onto the familiar?

If it is I am surprised at myself. I thought I embraced change, sometimes even caused change. Things are different now - I don't think it is the differences that occupy me - but it seems that in some of the differences there is an increased lack of understand about what is sensible and what is foolish.

The phrase is ancient - but my bullshit detector seems to be going off virtually all the time


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