Friday, January 26, 2007

The West Wing

My office at work is on the west side of the education building. Offices are located on outer hallways - that is we have windows in our offices. There are offices on the other side of the passageway/hallway in front of my office. And then there is the inner hallway - wide - with doorways to classrooms, labs, etc. in the centre of the building.

We call ourselves the West Wing.

Colleagues have come and gone over the years but we have always felt privileged to be on this particular hallways. Generally other office hallways experience more traffic. So that is one thing to be thankful for.

But the real privilege is the people and the feeling of community and camaraderie amongst the people in the hallway. It is a mix of old timers (like me), midcareer colleagues and 'newcomers'

We are a diverse group - we come from different backgrounds - culturally, religiously, rural, urban - and it goes on.

We have a tradition of welcoming people to the hallway - I can't describe it as we do something that we perhaps ought not to be doing - especially first thing in the morning! But it has become a tradition.

Perhaps its the little traditions that we have that make the hallway experience so pleasant. Many of us spend our days in our office - so saying good morning and goodbye when we leave, going for coffee together, making coffee or tea for each other, listening to each other swear at our computers, watching and listening when students with concerns come to our offices amongst others that just seem to be our natural way of doing business.

Its a pleasant place to work.

We are privileged

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