Friday, June 01, 2007

Business Education resources

For a number of years I have been trying to keep track of graduates from our Business Teacher Education program and other business education teachers in Saskatchewan and elsewhere. I have this really long list of email addresses and every once in a while I will send out a message about a business education resource to the whole list.

Lately spam filters have been grabbing these messages and relegating these messages to the spam file. That also blacklists my address and in some cases the whole university.

So I have to stop using the whole list. At first I started breaking the list up into 20 or 30 names but that still triggered spam filters.

Years ago I used to run a very active listserv called Bused-l. We were even mentioned as a good resource in an article in NBEA's Business Education Forum. But when the U of R switched computer systems and moved from listserv to majordomo the list became very quiet and I lost most of the subscribers.

I've decided to renew the bused-l list and have asked people on my 'big' business education email list to subscribe.

I am hoping that I will be able to sue the list to disseminate information about Business Education resources and events in Saskatchewan. But I am also hopeful that the discussions that used to take place will be reinvigorated. There is plenty to think about and discuss in business education and I would like this list to be a focal point for that discussion.

If you would like to subscribe the information below will be of interest:

I moderate the list. That means that every message comes to me first. I will not edit or censor any message sent to the list but I will not send on spams, personal flames or any other inappropriate messages – most particularly advertisements.

The membership list is protected, so your names and addresses will not be used for anything beyond the purposes of this list.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this kind of list – any message you send to the list will eventually be distributed to all members of the list once I have looked at it. I will return personal messages inadvertently sent to the list.

Please encourage your colleagues, students and anyone else you feel may be interested in this list to subscribe.

To subscribe send an email to:

Leave the subject line blank but in the body of the message write:

Subscribe bused-l

Please notice that bused-l is all letters and in lower case.

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