Wednesday, April 09, 2008

More semester endings and a new beginning

Tonight was my last ED 800 class - for the winter semester - I will start to teach this course again on May 5 - endings and beginnings.

Tomorrow, though, I will be heading out to Canmore, Alberta with five students. My students put together a presentation on the Issues facing Business Education and presented at the WESTCAST conference in February. As a result of that presentation they were invited to present at the Alberta CTS conference.

I'm looking forward to this time with them and I'm proud of their accomplishments. They are truly good news for the future of business education.

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Blogger michael hotrum said...

Cyril - I'll also be presenting at the CTS conference - on a virtual community I developed for CTS teachers in Alberta (now let's add saskatchewan) - and I'm also making it available to teachers of CTS teachers (U of A and lethbridge are in there now). I'd love a chance to meet with you and talk about getting you and yr students into this community. See

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