Sunday, August 17, 2008

Old Sturbridge Village

On Friday we were invited by Dori’s parents to meet them halfway between Boston and Simsbury, Connecticut where they live. We meet at a place called Old Sturbridge Village. This place has been reconstructed to resemble an original New England town complete with homes, blacksmith shop, school, barns, animals, etc.

Thanks to our gps we made our way through the twists and turns of Boston out to the Mass Turnpike and found our way to Sturbridge.

It was good to see Ann and Pete. They guided us through the many interesting sights of the OSV. Pete has unbounded curiosity and had questions at every spot. I enjoyed this as I will usually just take in everything but won’t delve more deeply into what I see through asking questions. I file things away and come to the internet to explore.

The people that worked there were in character most of the time. They answered as if they were the people who lived and worked in the village. It was very interesting.

We came across a group of kids and a woman that were dressed in period costumes but that weren’t workers at the village. It turns out that they were part of a summer camp that studied this history and tried to have the kids experience everything for themselves. They looked like brightly dressed Hutterite/Mennonite kids.

We headed back to Boston around 2 and made it through rush hour without too much trouble. We were going to dinner with Jay and Dori (as our final night together) but Helene and I wanted to sneak in a drink at our favourite Boston pub - the Black Rose. So we quickly changed and grabbed the T changing at Government Centre to the Blue line ending up at the Aquarium stop - a short walk down State street to the Black Rose.

Jay joined us and then walked with us through the rain to Radius - a beautiful little restaurant in downtown Boston. The service was excellent and the food even better. Helene had scallops and I had a steak - yes I know I am supposed to have seafood when I am on the coast but I was craving meat. There will be time enough for more seafood in Nova Scotia.

A quick taxi ride home and more Olympics - that is, more Michael Phelps - am I the only one that is getting tired of that story?

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