Friday, August 08, 2008

A Return and a Trip

My last post was in late April. A number of things have kept me from posting here since then not the least of which is a pretty severe neck and back problem. This is keeping me from sitting at a computer for any lengthy period of time. I guess I am paying for those long, long hours of slouching at the computer for all those years.

Yet I have still been busy in the intervening months. I taught two intersession courses - ED 800 (Introduction to Research) and EC&I 809 (Program Evaluation.) It was an interesting 6 weeks - teaching four nights a week! I am now also working on making EC&I 809 an online course. I'll be teaching it online during the Winter 2009 semester (even though I will be starting a six month sabbatical in January.) Any suggestions are appreciated.

But because I taught those two intersession courses I will not be teaching courses during the Fall 2008 semester.

Which allows for the Trip.

Yesterday, early in the morning, Helene and I got on a plane to Boston to begin the first leg of a journey that will take us to Boston, Nova Scotia, London, England, Sicily and the Amalfi coast. We will return to Regina in late September.

I will do my best to chronicle this journey.

There are also a number of professional issues that I have been thinking about that I will also address here over the next while.

For this trip I purchased an Asus EEE computer - two pounds and fully functional - all I need to do is get used to the smaller keyboard

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