Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday was designated as Halifax day. Pat took us on a tour of her childhood haunts, the house she grew up in, her schools, clubs, hangouts, etc.

Halifax is very different from Regina - the houses are mainly wood and have a unique east coast architecture - lots of gables, porches and bright colours.

We walked down Spring Garden road, window shopping, stopped in at the library to see the statue of Winston Churchill (no one could tell us why his statue was outside the Halifax library), admired our way through the public gardens and eventually made our way to Pier 21.

Pier 21 was the entry point for many immigrants to Canada. Helene’s mother and father arrived here from Europe after the war. We knew the name of their ship (The General Sturgis) and we wanted to gather more information. Although we found information about the ship we couldn’t get access to the ship’s papers - the Privacy Act has limited the public’s access to this kind of information for 75 years. We’ll have to wait for another 15 years or get Helene’s mother to request the information.

Dinner was at Pat’s sister’s home. Mary and Ron have a beautiful home in Dartmouth. Ron is an oceanographer and has spent a great deal of time onboard ships. It showed in the design of their home. It had the most efficient closet organization I had ever seen - in particular in the kitchen. We are always struggling with our pots and pans and other assorted paraphernalia. Their cupboards were beautifully organized and easily accessed.

They prepared a salmon dinner for us which I unfortunately missed - or at least ate later than the others.

I was involved in an internet based conference call. A number of us in Business Education have gotten together to work on some of the issues facing business education. We have been using Elluminate to meet - a cool program that allows for us to speak to one another through our computers. We are hoping that we can shed some light on some of the problems facing business education and perhaps even make some suggestions that will clear the congestion. More on this later.

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Anonymous Barbara said...

Cyril, any chance you will connect with Nancy? Is she still in Wolfville?

It sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday. Enjoy! I love the Maritimes--Halifax, Mahone Bay, Peggy's Cove--it is so beautiful!

9:42 PM  

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