Monday, July 05, 2010

Summer time

It is early in July and I always count July and August as summer even though I usually stop teaching somewhere around early to middle April.

The last little while has been spent de-cluttering my life - at the office and at home. I'm not quite there yet but I have made good progress. I have thrown books and papers out that were old in the early 1970's.

I am sitting here in the middle of preparing for my Business Ed curriculum course. For a terrific two days earlier in the Spring I sat with my colleagues Alec, Tracy, Helen and Rhonda and reworked the whole Business Teacher Education Program. My last task in this project is to re-write the course outlines for all of our courses to reflect the ideas we discussed and worked through during those two days.

So I am trying to re-work the curriculum course to be as current as possible and to reflect the thinking of the subject area. It is a challenge I enjoy. If any reader has any ideas please comment - although I can't believe that anyone is still checking this site after such a long time between entries.

I'm going to the DPE National Board meetings in Greensboro at the end of this month and so I will see Riley. Here are some reasonably current pictures of my beautiful baby.

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Anonymous Dan Benesh said...

Thanks to the wonder of blog aggregators, I always check your posts. Though our life paths may be going in different directions at the moment, I still appreciate the passion all of the four people you mentioned put into Business Ed. It's made me who I am today.

Also, I became an uncle, so I understand a little more your constant posting of cute pictures. Talk soon!

2:26 AM  

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