Sunday, July 31, 2011

Phase 1, Day 1 - Regina to Winnipeg

Ok this session didn't start out that well. In my last blog I promised to try to keep up with the blog and of course the next day I don't make an entry - but I will try to stay up to date here. I find that just sitting here and writing about the day helps me wind down. The small (well really relatively large) glass of Jack Daniel's helps too.

Yesterday was spent helping Stacey figure out what to pack in her suitcases, what to pack in the car and what will get sent afterwards.

In many ways it was a bittersweet day. I have never been sad when my children have left home because they have always left for the best reasons - university or just getting on with their lives. Stacey is going to a program that I know will benefit her, where I know she will excel and to a place where she will be happy. But she and I have shared some wonderful moments together over the last few years. She is really my only adult child that has shared this kind of significant time with me.

We have shared my office for over three years. We've worked together, done projects together and even written an article together. But most importantly I've watched her grow into an aspiring academic through her work on her master's thesis and her various jobs. She has always made me proud.

I know yesterday must have been hard for her - it was for me.

But today we were challenged with packing the rest of the car. Yesterday we packed the trunk - and I mean packed it - there isn't a square centimeter available.

Today we attacked the back seat. We needed to make sure that our own luggage would fit but we were motivated to get as much of Stacey's stuff in as possible.

It can't be easy going to a strange place. Having your own familiar things - even if it is something small like a picture frame or a knickknack is very important.

So the back seat was packed by 3:00 p.m. and then the decision - do we hit the road today or leave tomorrow. One of the considerations was that we had woken up at 4 a.m. to get Stacey to the airport in time for her 6 a.m. flight.

So was I awake enough to start the drive? We decided yes and we headed off. We decided to go to Winnipeg rather than try for the border south of Regina. We had heard that the border crossing south of Estevan was closed due to flooding so we headed east to Winnipeg.

The trip was spectacular. I enjoy driving through the prairies with the horizon clearly visible so far away. There was a log of fresh hay on the fields and although there was still a lot of water there were many beautiful colourful fields - yellow, purple, and golden.

We came to Winnipeg late and will leave early - south towards Omaha


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