Monday, May 15, 2006

Catching up

It has been a week since I made an entry into this blog so I will diarize the last few days and leave the deep thoughts for another time.

The visiting professor arrived on Tuesday and was immediately wisked off to the Multi-Faith Forum Dinner. The Forum is an interesting organization. Its members are from the widest variety of faith groups (read that as religions) for the purposes mof dialogue, education and understanding. I have nejoyed meeting all the people in the Forum and I am always amazed at the vitality and comittment that is characteristic of many of them.

The next day was spent orienting Teresa (Dr. Teresa Yohon is the visiting professor) to the university and to all of the little things a person needs to know to be able to organize and work properly. She is only here for a short while and needed to hit the ground running which she did admirably. She is teaching a course on the use of Instructional Technology in teaching Business Subjects. She has devised a creative approach to this course and the students tell me they are enjoying it as well as learning a lot.

Teresa is also here to work with me on some research projects we are doing together. We spent the rest of her free time at the end of last week and the weekend working on an article we are doing on......... I won't say but I'll let you know if we get it published!! I will say that our proposal to the National Council On Economic Education concerning the use of Investment Clubs as an instructional strategy was accepted for presentation at their conference in October in New York. We're also hoping to be presenting on or literature analysis project at the DPE conference in Minneapolis in November. If everything clicks it will be a busy fall.

I have been reading master's theses for the last few weeks. This time of year is always heavy with that work as many students, facing the end of their eligibility, have drafts done for my attention. I always enjoy reading these works - even if I have read them a few trimes before in draft form as I learn something new each time I go through them.

I'm also in the final stages of preparing the 2006 NABTE Review articles for submission to NBEA for final editing and production. This has been an interesting process - one which will go an awful lot smoother next year!!


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