Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A few days back at work and in some ways it feels like I have never been away. Issues around students crop up. I am preparing for my fall classes. Research projects need to be put onto my work schedule and attention needs to be paid to the regular networking within the faculty. It is relatively quiet now in the building during the days but that will change as faculty members start coming back from holidays and certainly will change when classes start and students arrive.

The cycle of the school year is something I really enjoy and it suits my persoanlity perfectly. I like the new beginnings with new students and new things to think about and to learn. And to be honest I like the endings of the semester too. The ends bring both the sense of completion of one project (the current semester) and the anticipation of a new project (the new semester)

Perhaps I am always comparing this life I lead at the university to the life I could have lead as a chartered accountant (and I am thankful for my university life). My experience as a student in accounts was one of never ending monthly accounting. The numbers and the name on the top of the statement may have changed but everything else was the same - and never ending - once one file was done there was always, always more files. I'm sure there is more to the life of an accountant but that was the only part I saw.

On the other hand the university life gives me my freedom, allows me to choose my interests, follow them in a way I have created, teach to injteresting and interested students - the benefits go on and on. I really do enjoy my work and the circumstances of my work.


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