Monday, August 27, 2007

Is Summer over?

I haven't made an entry here for quite a while. But I am back in Regina and back at the office getting ready for the beginning of the Fall semester. Classes begin next Tuesday but meetings have already begun.

It has been an eventful summer.

For most of June and part of July I taught the Introduction to Research Course at the University of Minnesota and worked with my colleague Judy Lambrecht.

On July 1 my oldest son was married.

I traveled to Winnipeg and helped my 93 year old mother move out of the house she had lived in for 54 years and moved her into an Independent Living for Seniors apartment.

We sold my mother's house.

We drove to Vancouver and visited my son and his girlfriend and met the granddogs

We visited with our friend Bernie in Victoria for a few days.

And then we drove back through the spectacular Rockie mountains.

And now I am preparing for the beginning of the Fall semester.

Is summer over?

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