Sunday, November 25, 2007

Business Education Research

I was recently in New Orleans at the Business Teacher Education Summit. We were put into groups and asked to come up with a blueprint for the future. I will write more about this in another blog.

At that Summit there was some discussion about what kind of research should be done in Business Teacher Education. Very few fresh ideas surfaced. Despite an interest in qualitative research methods and thinking very few qualitative topics seemed to surface.

Which was why something I read today struck me as so interesting.

One of my students who is interning (student teaching) this semester is keeping a blog of her experiences in a comprehensive high school in a small city in Saskatchewan.

She is an excellent student and thinker and her blog displays the results of her thinking. I am waiting for her permission to link her blog with mine. If I do link it I encourage you to read it. You will find it very informative. She has given me a look at internship in a way I have never seen it before.

Which leads me back to the lack of qualitative ideas at the Summit. Do we really know the experiences interns, cooperating teachers, university supervisors and others have before, during and after student teaching? Do we really understand the context of business education classes? Do we have an appreciation for the circumstances faced by business education students? What are the growth patterns, perceptions, beliefs, aptitudes, etc. of business teacher educators, business teachers, prospective business teachesr, business department heads, etc.

A good place to start is to read this student's blog.

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