Thursday, August 28, 2008

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Designated as another day to just lie around we did just that for most of the morning. But today was also the day that Mark was leaving to go back to Regina.

Helene and Mark went off for one of their long walks, Jane and Pat went to the Hubbard Farmer’s market and I read - I was compelled to finish my book!!

We said our goodbye and Jane took Mark to the airport. It has been a comfortable fun time for us. Together the four of us have the right mix of adventure, laziness, energy and conversation. Pat will be finishing her summer and going home in the middle of September.

The Swiss Air memorial is made up of two parts forming a triangle with the crash site. We had seen the memorial on the Peggy’s Cove side of St. Margaret’s Bay (at Whale Back) and we wanted to see the other site, The site on this side of the Bay is the actual burial site.

It wasn’t a long drive to Bayswater. A small sign pointed the way to a rough little parking lot just below the memorial. We parked and walked up the path to a wall with the names of all of the victims of the crash and a small enclosed grass area. As the sign indicated the area was in keeping with the typical shoreline topography.

We explored further along the coast and marveled at the beauty of the coastline and the ocean. It has been a very wet summer here (although it has hardly rained since we have been here) and the trees, bushes and grass are still green.

We made our way home, had dinner - left over steak and scallops - and finished the evening with a game of scrabble (which Pat won!)

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