Tuesday, July 06, 2010

DPE Young Scholars

I am on the Delta Pi Epsilon National Board as National Treasurer. As part of my duties I am responsible for the Research Projects Committeee and the Membership Committee.

I am very fortunate to have to great chairpersons to work with. Wanda Stitt-Gohdes is the chair of the Research Projects Committee and Julie Chadd is the Chair of the Membership Committee.

As part of the upcoming November DPE Research Conference we have established the DPE Young Scholars Program.

Although we have called it the "Young" Scholars Program we really mean new scholars in the area of Business Education.

Any faculty member that has a Ph.D. student that is interested in a Business Education topic can nominate their student for this Program.

Accepted Young Scholars will be a part of a special program at the DPE Research Conference. This program will enhance their skills as scholars and assist them in finding and constructing meaningful Business Education research projects.,

I am proud to be part of this initiative

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