Thursday, December 30, 2010

The days are confusing so far

On Wednesday morning we were up and at the airport by 5:30 a.m. - a most uncivilized hour - to catch the Delta plane to Minneapolis. a few hours later we were on the ground and having breakfast in Minneapolis and waiting for the plane to Atlanta. another few hours and we were in the E concourse in Atlanta sitting at a bar having a glass of wine and some nachos.

but then the confusion started. It was Wednesday afternoon when we boarded the 777 to Johannesburg. Good seats just behind first class - we got to watch them stretch out in their pods while we sat shoulder to shoulder - and the food and movies began. A little bit of sleeping and three movies later we landed Johannesburg -[ but it was Thursday evening already - where does the time go????

We met Eddie at the airport - our new cab driver friend - and he brought us to the Sandton Hilton. The expressway was backed up so he took us through the city and we got to see a township called Alexandre. Shacks and tents in terrible condition - the houses on the street close by had high walls and razor wire on the top of the walls.

Needless to say the Hilton was a Hilton - opulence for a price. We checked into our room and had a dozy dinner - wine and big, big hamburgers.

Internet, email and skype all work - and the first night of malarone - lets see what it does.

I am sure tomorrow is Friday.


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