Thursday, August 04, 2011

Last day of Phase 1

We made it!! Close to 5000 kilometers, 9 different states, 2 provinces and some beautiful scenery. We didn't rush to get here but we also felt the need to get in the car and go. There are some wonderful things in places I'd never thought about so the next time we'll take even more time to explore.

Troy, Alabama is an even more interesting place in daylight. The accents are spectacular making checking out of the hotel, buying coffee and buying gas a delightful adventure.

Then back to the open road.

A friend pointed out that the terrain would change and we got closer to Florida and she was right. The scenery through Alabama and Georgia to get to Tallahassee was filled awesome forests, tall pines and oaks with a lot of what we'd call bush. But Florida opened up to short scrubby fields, some trees and a lot of swamp land.

The GPS (Dolly - short for Dolores) sent us off the interstate system to get to Jay's house in Tallahassee. So for an few hours we travelled the back roads of Georgia and Florida. Awesome

And then a few hours with Jay, Dori, and Riley - even more awesome. They are settling into their new home and I'm looking forward to spending time with them in a few weeks. Riley is beautiful, brilliant and an amazing child - but then again I'm biased.

One of the most exciting things today )at least for me) was to cross the Suwannee River - think of the songs Swannee(Al Jolson) and the Old Folks at Home (Stephen Foster). Despite the misspelling it is this river that these songs are about. I sang for a while after that crossing = it wasn't pleasant in the car, I am sure!

What I don't like about the southern interstates is that they are isolated. We could have been going by beautiful countryside, interesting towns, etc. but we'd never know because the highways are protected by rows of high trees and other kinds of shrubbery.

Tomorrow, onto Phase 2!


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