Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sunday, August 24, 2008

We woke up to the closing ceremonies of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games. I can’t say that I am sorry to see the games finish. I am interested in watching effort and excellence but the extravagance and excess sometimes turns me off. I always wonder if the best of the best are really the best at the sport or the best at hiding their unethical approaches to winning.

After lunch we fired up Dolores and she guided us towards Wolfville. In 1981 I left the University of Regina to take a job with CN headquarters in Montreal. The story of that job is a long one but suffice it to say that when I received a call from the Dean at the U of R to come back I gladly accepted it.

My daughter Stacey was born in June of 1982 and we didn’t’ want to move before or just after she was born so I taught a summer course at McGill. While I was teaching that course I met Nancy Hicks. She was a professor in Business Education at McGill.

When I returned to Regina I discovered that one of my former colleagues Eleanor Bujea had retired and that there was a position available in Business Education. Nancy applied and was appointed to begin in July of 1983. She and worked happily together until her retirement in 1998. A few years after she retired she returned to her home in Nova Scotia.

And we have been intending to visit her ever since!

Dolores (have I explained that we call our GPS unit Dolores or Dolly for short?) took us up towards Windsor past some wonderful scenery - I am enjoying the trees and the occasional glimpse of water.

We arrived at Nancy’s home in Wolfville - as predicted it is a beautiful home, tastefully decorated and very comfortable.

Nancy and Dave (her friend) welcomed us with drinks and cheeses which we had sitting around the table in her backyard. Nancy’s home is surrounded by woods and after a bit she took us on a short hike through the woods to see a small beach on one side and a spectacular view of the valley on the other.

The Annapolis valley has many vineyards but probably the most well known is Grand Pre. They have set up an excellent restaurant and gift shop there and that is where Nancy and Dave took us for dinner. The wine was terrific, the food excellent and the company entertaining.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been enjoying your travel notes. I was especially glad to hear that you had a visit with Nancy. John and I may venture out there this fall for a couple of weeks and it would be lovely to see her again. Keep the travel notes coming - they are very interesting.
Carolyn McMilllan

11:53 AM  

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