Saturday, February 21, 2009

Thursday February 19, 2009

Thursday was Grand Cayman. Grand Czayman is famlous for diamonds, banks, rich people hiding and a few other things - Helene was determined to get the kids presents here and we did - but I c an't descr5ibe that process because then it would give away the presents - but rest assured childre4n there are presents - and probably a new suitcase just to haul the loot!

We took a tender to the island and wandered the shops and the streets. It truly does boggle my mind that on a small island like this people are willing to spend thousands of dollars on trinkets - but to eaxch his/her own I guess.

We had our choice o0f familiar lunch spots - Margaritaville or the Hard Rock Cafe - what a scam these guys have - brand recognition for those who want to be away from home but not lonesome.

Back to the ship for what is becoming my traditional nap and our traditional drinki with mark and pat. Then the formal dinner whcih inclouded the Baked Alaskia Parade.

The burning question is whether I will bring my tuxedo to the mext cruise - of course that could be broken down to - will there ever be a next cruise? I think yes for the cruise - and no for the tux.

The entertainment has been spotty so far - a bad elton impersonator, a worse comedian. Altho0ugh we did find a phillipino foursome that could actually play and had a n interesting play list.

But tonight the entrtaqinment was terrific - the singers and dancers put on Stage and Screen - songs from stage and screen - some of the voices were really gooid and all the dancers were at least good to look at. The costumes were by Bob mackie aqnd were beaut6iful and plentifgul - lots of costume changes - no two songs with the same costumes - quite enjoyable.

Early to bed - tomorrow is Cozumel and tulum


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