Monday, August 08, 2011

Adventures, catastrophes and life

Life is an adventure - sometimes it is a series of catastrophes - sometimes its both. But it is always hard to figure out if personal perception creates the adventure or the catastrophe.

Life is frightening - adventure is frightening - and catastrophes are frightening.

Which sometimes means that adventures can be seen as catastrophes because of the fear they create.

We have been experiencing life in its full manifestation this trip - the adventure of the long road trip with a loaded car. I often thought about the incredible job it would have entailed if we'd have gotten a flat tire and I would have had to unload the trunk to get at the spare.

Other adventures/catastrophes awaited us as we arrived in Miami - the need to get rid of Stacey's first apartment, finding a new apartment that would be suitable and available almost immediately, finding out that real estate people (and evidently owners) don't like to work on the weekend.

It has been stressful (when we look at the catastrophes), exciting (when we look at the adventures) and frightening (when we look at everything)

But it is all for a good reason. Stacey has the opportunity to thrive in an exciting, dynamic city - she will be engrossed in what appears to me to be a fantastic, fascinating graduate program. There is a bright future.

Stacey found an apartment today and made an offer to rent - we're hoping she gets this apartment and can move in and get settled as fast as possible - she has a great deal of work to do, lots of running around to do and an intensive course that starts soon.

With a bit of strength, focus, determination and exertion everything will get done and I know it will get done well.

Life is made up of adventures and catastrophes - all we need to deal with life is a sense of humour, confidence in a good future and a bit of self-confidence


Blogger Bethlehem Live! said...

Hey, Cyril. I'm finally reading about your adventure via your blog. It's too funny; you left Sioux Falls the very day we got there. And you'll see a photo of the Jolly Green Giant on my FB album from the trip. I hope your trip ends well, and that everything works out quickly and well for Stacey. Cheers!

10:38 PM  
Blogger Barbara McKinnon said...

Cyril! I wrote the above comment....the display name is very old (and one I didn't even remember using years ago with this email account)....I have since editted it so hopefully this comment shows to be from me--Barbara McKinnon! :-)

10:45 PM  

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