Saturday, August 11, 2012

Presentations, Accidents and Grandchildren

Wow I didn't realize that I have neglected this blog for so long.  Lots has happened between August 4 and now.

Boston:  I attended the Newcomers activity on Saturday evening and was very impressed at how welcoming members of the Association of Teacher Educators (ATE)are to new people.  I met a number of interesting people and will try to stay in touch with them.  I think I'd like to get involved in this organization.

Val Mulholand and I were scheduled to give a presentation on the Balfour Project on Sunday morning.  We did that and those folks who did attend - 5 people seemed quite interested and gave us their email addresses so that we could send them our powerpoints and other information about the project.

Right after the presentation on Sunday We headed for the airport and flew to Miami.  Stacey had  found a new apartment and had already bought most of the furniture - this new apartment is unfurnished.  She is hoping she will be in the apartment for the next few years.  We worked with Stacey moving her stuff from one apartment to another, organizing the new apartment and buying the bits and pieces that she needed to move in and feel settled.

On Thursday we rented a car and drove from Miami to Tallahassee to see Jay, Dori and Riley.  The drive is just over 7 hours but it is basically all on the Florida Turnpike - many lanes and very high speeds.

We experienced a sight that will remain with me for a very long time.  A woman was weaving in and out of the traffic.  But she wouldn't wait for the traffic to open for her in the next lane but she would accelerate into the smallest gap to change lanes.  We both commented on her driving as she went past us.

Somehow she got behind us and she came barreling past us on the right - we were in the far left lane of four lanes going in our direction.  She came up behind a slower car and started to move to the lane on her right.  Without looking she moved towards the right but a truck/SUV was beside her and she swerved back to the left.  We were traveling at probably around 90 miles per hour.  She tried again - this time she tried to accelerate into the gap in front of the truck but didn't make it.

She clipped the corner of the truck and they both went  out of control right in front of us - we were perhaps three car lengths behind and to the left of the collision.

I slammed on the brakes but was mindful of the cars behind and beside me.  It literally happened in slow motion - I drive around the debris that was flying and watched where the car and truck were careening.  When they finally came to a stop a number of cars pulled over to see what the condition of the people were in the car and truck.  Fortunately all passengers and drivers were ok - other han being scared beyond belief.  The truck actually had a young child in it but she was ok.

Once we saw that things were in hand we kept on going - we were determined to get to Tallahassee before Riley went to bed.  As it turned out we got there later than we planned because of a flipped semi-trailer as we were entering Tallahassee but fortunately Riley was still up.

What can I say about Riley - she is smart, she is beautiful, she is growing, she is curious, she is talkative. 

I haven't seen her in person for a year - I am amazed that she has all her teeth and that she speaks so well.

When we drove up she was standing at the door and all we could see was her eyes peeking through the window - and when we cam into the house greeted us with a cheery hi!  She is incredible.

She has taken to Babi very well - almost won't leave her alone - and is a bit cool to Zaida - but that doesn't stop us from talking and enjoying things together.

She is so ready for preschool and interaction with other children - she will do so well in those circumstances.


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