Monday, July 23, 2012

I'm not a shopper

We shopped for furniture today for the condo in Scottsdale.  We seemed to drive back and forth between Scottsdale and Tempe quite a few times.  But in the end we were successful and the mattresses, bedstands and tiles were found and ordered.

Banking was a different story.  It seems American banks are very provincial and very mistrusting. We still can't clearly understand how long it will take for one of our cheques to clear in order for us to get the money we deposit.  We spent some time with one of the bank personnel and still don't really have many answers.

The simple issue is that we want to have access to out money as soon as we deposit it - or at least know when we will have access.  The answer we get is that they will allow us to access the money when the cheque has cleared the Canadian bank and our bank says that the time delay depends on the Canadian bank - which could take up to 6 weeks - absolute nonsense.  We have an appointment tomorrow to see if we can't straighten this out.

I am enjoying the environment here - it feels like the prairies - wide streets, a lot of sky, etc. but phoenix is surrounded by desert and mountains - it is quite spectacular.

The heat is another story - we spent a lot of time in 100 plus degree weather - but i seem to be able to tolerate it quite well - the cliche is that it is a dry heat - and that seems to be quite tolerable - instead of washing over me in a torrent of humidity it more or less envelops me in a warm blanket - sometimes it is too warm but  not that bad at all


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