Sunday, July 22, 2012

Getting to Phoenix

Mark, Reesa and Hunter drove us to the airport this morning.  We were initially booked on a 6 a.m. flight but we changed that to the 10:30 flight - San Diego to L.A. then to Phoenix.

It was great to spend time with Mark and his family - my new grandson Hunter is a happy, beautiful child - I have never seen so many smiles from a baby.  It especially delighted me when he would look at me and smile.

Today is the beginning of our Phoenix adventure.  A few years ago we agreed with good friends (Tannis and Sheldon Mindell) that we would buy something is a warm place for us to escape to in the winter.  Tannis is tenacious and monitored the mls listings in a variety of locations - we finally found something in the right location and at the right price in Scottsdale.

We bought it a few months and have had Jason - a contractor - working on getting it into livable shape.  He is just about done - the only remaining larger job is to finish painting the inside.

Our job is to furnish it,  We'll be here for a week with the Mindells and hopefully by then it will be ready to move into.  Next Sunday night we're moving in no matter what!

Its been a long day and tomorrow will be consumed with shopping


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