Thursday, July 19, 2012


I loved my grandchildren before they were born and I fell deeper in love with them when I saw them as infants.

Today I feel even deeper in love with my grandson Hunter.  I held him and played with him this morning and again this afternoon.  He cooed at me, talked to me, smiled and laughed at me - it is impossible to resist those invitations to love and hold and nurture.

His parents have the responsibility but there is no question that I have the joy - or at least my part of the joy.

We all have the future in our minds when we see and interact with babies.  They have so much in front of them and in our world in Canada and the U.S. they have the opportunity to become well educated, financially stable and contributing members of society.

But I work hard to stay in the moment - he is an infant now - 6 months old - and I focus on the incredible joy he brings me just by looking at me and making those beautiful sound.


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