Saturday, August 13, 2011

Phase 2 complete, family and phase 3

In some ways this has been a long trip - the five day road trip to Miami (Phase 1), helping Stacey find and settle into a new apartment (Phase 2) and now we're off to Tallahassee to spend time with Jay, Dori and Rile (phase 3).

The problems with the first apartment Stacey found and watching and helping while Stacey found and moved into her new apartment caused a lot of stress and anxiety. This was offset by Stacey's smile when she realized that she was just about there in creating a new home for herself - the irritation, stress and anxiety disappeared.

But tonight was totally different. We spent the evening with my cousin Harvey, his wife Marcia at their daughter Jodi's home in Pinecrest. Harvey's two son's were there too with their children - which brought the children total to 5 - 4 boys and a girl!

I haven't seen Harvey for a number of years so there was lots to catch up on. Marcia comes from Regina so there was lots to talk about.

The Kesten family is complicated so we spent some time trying to remember who fit where.

It was a great evening - Paul and Jodi were great hosts - the kids were full of energy and the food was good.

Its so rare that we spend time with family that we need to capture the moments and cherish them.

So tomorrow begins Phase 3. We've rented a car and will be on the highway on the way to Tallahassee by midday.

It will be tough to leave Stacey but she is going to be doing good work and is in Miami for a good reason - I'll miss her.


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