Friday, January 01, 2016

Back to blogging!

Ok it has been almost four years since I have written anything to this blog but its a new year and we all make unrealistic resolutions so bear with me.  I intend to resurrect the blog and I'm aiming for a few entries a week.  I think I want this more as a place to diarize what I'm doing and some of the things I am working on both personally and at work.  I'll still write the occasional entry about my thoughts on a wide variety of subjects.

There's a good chance no one will read this but I know I am doing this more for me than to attract an audience.  But if I do attract your attention and you have something to add, something to comment on, or just something you want to say please do make comments.

We are in Los Angeles visiting Mark and Reesa and their two children - Hunter, their son and James, their daughter.  It is Hunter's fourth birthday tomorrow and we wanted to be here to celebrate with him.

I am not teaching this semester - I taught last summer - and we spent a few weeks at our place in Scottsdale. On Sunday we will go to a week in a timeshare in San Clemente where I will be able to get myself and my work organized for this coming semester - non-teaching doesn't mean non-working.  I have lots of projects and obligations going on this semester to keep me busy.

Then we head to Tallahasee to spend a few days with Jay and Dori and their daughters Riley and Julianna.  And then down to Miami to spend time with Stacey, her partner Harris and his son Noah.

I can't imagine how I got so old to have 5 grandchildren but I do have them and I enjoy every minute I'm with them or even just thinking about them.  My only wish is that we were all closer together so that I could see them more often and watch them change and grow.

I can see just explaining some of the things I've mentioned in this entry will occupy a number of the future entries for this blog.


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