Friday, July 07, 2006


We came home from Montreal and within a few days left on our way to Vancouver. This month is filled with travel. We're in Vancouver now, leaving for Victoria for the weekend, back to Vancouver for a few days visiting with Mark, then home again. But then the next trip starts!

We'll drive to Minneapolis, fly to Boston, take the train to Washington, D.C. and then back again to Boston, visit with Jay and Dori for a few days and then fly back to Minneapolis where Judy and I will work on our project again!!

I'm exhausted already.

The trip here through the mountains is always interesting. We left late on Tuesday but made it all the way to Canmore - we got into the room by 11:00 p.m. The next day was a full day of driving too. But there were very few construction delays and for the most part the weather was clear.

The views are spectacular through the Rockies. The trees were deep deep green and carpeted the sides of the mountains while the peaks were at first snowless. We saw some evidence of forest fires but mostly we saw beautiful green.

I can recommend satellite radio to anyone that doesn't have it in their car. We subscribe to Sirius. We had clear reception all through the mountains and the 100 plus channels allowed us to listen to everything from hip hop to censored comedians. Suspense Theatre with Ida Lupino on the Classic was a highlight.