Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Future of Business Education

I have been concerned about the future of Business Education for some time now. Business Teacher Education programs are slowly disappearing both in Canada and the U.S. which begs the question of who will teach business subjects in the future. But perhaps more disturbing to me is that Business Education has morphed into an entity that focuses almost exclusively on the use of technology (not necessarily in a business setting) and on pre-employment preparation which leaves the 'general' education aspects of Business Education extremely neglected

For the last few years I have been working on a research project with Dr. Judy Lambrecht which explores issues facing business educators and I also sit on the Policy Commission for Business and Economic Education which addresses this issue.

I always believe in discussion and exposure of ideas and suggestions. That is one of the reasons I began this blog. Although I know a fair number of people read this blog the structure of blogs makes it difficult to enter into a dialogue.

To that end I have established a wiki. You can find it right here.

Below you can read my first entry to that wiki:

Welcome to a new wiki designed to encourage discussion concerning the future of business education.

I will admit my prejudices right now - I don't believe that Technology Education is equivalent to Business Education. I know that in order to learn about business students must confront technology as it is a powerful business tool. But I also know that there is a great deal more to Business Education beyond the technological tools used.

I also know that business education exists in many places - k-12 schools, technical and community colleges, universities and industry but I prefer to think about Business Education in terms of the work done in K-12 schools. Although we seem to have competition at the K-12 level it is not as profound as the competition faced by 'business educators' in other locations.

I'll also admit that as a Canadian I am not afflicted by the Perkins act nor by NCLB.

If you find this wiki somehow and would like to contribute (at this time this wiki is 'protected' which means you can only read, you can't post) contact me at and I will 'authorize' you.

Tell your friend and colleagues - the more input the better

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