Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The weather

I was born and raised in Winnipeg the home of the snow drift, the home of the stuck car, the home of winter. I hate being cold!!!

But then again I hate being hot too.

In fact I dislike being outside.

This is coming from someone that grew up in Winnipeg, lives in Regina and just bought a place in Belize.

I hate sun, sand and water too!!!!!

Some of my clearest memories of Winnipeg have to do with the moonscape of windswept streets after dark.

I took piano lessons and had to take two buses to Mr. Melnyk's house on St. Cross Street. I remember my Dad dropping me off on Sundays but I also remember going during the week by bus. On those trips I was chaperoned by my sister who I know was not interested in hanging out with her 7 or 8 year old brother.

To say the least we didn't socialize much on those trips.

But the lasting impression I have is how cold and uncomfortable I was - and I am sure she was too.

On the way home it was always dark and there was always a wind. It was cold and desolate and dark and dreary.

By the time we got on the first bus we were chilled to the bone.

By the time we got off the first bus to wait for the McGregor bus the snow on our clothes had melted and we were wet.

Which within minutes froze again making us colder and more uncomfortable.

Winnipeg is something like a film noir in my memory.

But then I moved to Regina and if I thought Winnipeg was cold I was about to learn a lesson in extremes.

Regina is bone-chilling - it is beyond cold - the damn wind never stops and if I never hear the words wind chill it will be too soon.

There isn't as much snow here (and so its a dry cold) but the bald prairie is no place for someone that doesn't like to be cold.

For the past week or so it has been arctic here - ridiculous wind chills and horrendous temperatures.

Until today.

Perhaps today is like the pleasant sensation that you feel when a headache goes from excruciating to just plain painful.

The temperature came up to just under freezing, the wind became a breeze and actually felt pleasant.

The sun shone from a clear, brilliant, blue sky.

You can have Florida or California - on a day like today Western Canada is paradise

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