Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Phase 2

Well it is at least a week late but tomorrow morning we'll be starting on phase 2 - helping Stacey turn a rented, furnished apartment into her home. At 11 tomorrow money and keys are exchanged and Stacey is in!

Finally a place to park that doesn't cost $26 a day.

Today was returning the rented car, doing laundry, finding the Festival Mall to buy me bifocal sunglasses (we were successful)

And having a great dinner with Stacey at a place called Inka's - just down the street from the Conrad. Stacey is staying in the hotel tonight so there won't be driving to and from Boca anymore on this trip at least.

Tomorrow we'll get all of the packages, parcels, bags and cases into her apartment and then the process is turned over to Stacey