Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Family Catch Up

The last post was about Stacey and it dawned on me that many more things have happened in my family over the last while. So here is a quick catch up.

Jay and Dori are expecting and have moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina where Jay is a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Law School at Wake Forest University.

Mark and Reesa are engaged and will be married this coming summer. They are also moving to San Diego where Mark will start Law School in January at the California Western School of Law.

My Mom has moved to the Simkin Centre/Sharon Home in Winnipeg and Emma (or one of her surrogates) continue to take good care of her.

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Homelessness in Regina

Yesterday morning I attended the Community Partnership Against Violence (CPAV) Awareness Breakfast. It was sold out and the ballroom at the Ramada was packed. Dignitaries and speeches were the order of the day raising awareness of the violence some people (women in particular) are forced to experience.

The speaker was Dr. Marc Spooner an advocate for the homeless and a colleague of mine in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina. The statistics are remarkable - many more poor and homeless in Regina than I would have imagined.

Pat Fiacco the mayor announced the designation of Angel Square in Regina as a symbol of support for those experiencing domestic and other kinds of violence.

The highlight for me though was that my daughter, Stacey, is the chairperson of CPAV and was deeply involved in the organization of this breakfast. She made me very proud - as she always does in everything she does.

She was interviewed by the Leader Post and the story was the featured story on today's edition. You can see the story here.

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