Friday, September 25, 2009

Connections and connecting

I attended a session this morning on the use of social media in classrooms. we ultimately decides to form a group called URSMUG - the University of Regina Social Media Users Group. A pretty good name if I do say so myself given that I contributed the SMUG part!

This group, we hope, will develop into a community that will support and facilitate the use of Social media in our teaching. The group was made up of those who 'hate' social media, those who are using and well informed and the rest of us - those in the middle - some knowledge, lots of fear and in need of direction, hand holding and support.

So I'm involved in this. What does it say about my comments in the previous post concerning the Business in Business Education. Actually, nothing.

I didn't intend that previous post to imply that Business Educators not get involved in using technology. In fact I hope I encouraged the opposite. I think as Business Educators we are well positioned to be leaders in the integration of Instructional Technology. Let's just not forget about the Business!

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