Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Workshop Day 2

Today was the tough day. I had done a lot of the bells and whistles stuff regarding Program Evaluation yesterday. Today I basically turned the work over to the participants. They were asked to focus on their own work environment and work through a series of activities that asked them to apply much of what we had done the day before. This is always a risk as sometimes the participants have little energy or interest in this type of work. And if they don’t then my job gets pretty hard – motivating, providing more information or allowing them to just waste their time. Fortunately this was a group that bought into this process. I was happy with the day’s activities and they certainly did enjoy the Win as Much as You Can activity.

The day, though, was very hot and I could feel the heat and humidity getting to me. I actually don’t mind either the heat or humidity by themselves I just feel that I’d like to be clean and dry for a few minutes. The resort is not clean and I am slathering on DEET and sunscreen something I hate to do under the best of circumstances.

After the session Helene and Margaret and I were invited by Hastings and Doris to come to the Club Makopolo for a drink. Club Mak is another resort close to the Sun “N” Sand. This may have been a mistake for our psyches. Club Mak was elegant, well maintained, clean and lovely, The same view of the Lake and the mountains but from a much more pleasant context. It seems that Hastings, who is a lecturer at the Polytechnic, also owns a number of other successful businesses. Two of his children are attending university in Australia and he hopes his younger child will follow in their footsteps. He was out host. He drove us out to Club Mak and insisted on buying us a drink and ground nuts.

We came back in dee0p humidity waiting for what felt like an enormous storm – the actual storm passed us by but the humidity has stayed. And of course the electricity has been coming and going all day meaning that the Air Condition is coming and going too.

It is still an amazing adventure. Life will so much more appreciated when we get home.