Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Economic Education and Business Education

A few weeks ago I attended the National Council on Economic Education/National Association of Economic Educators/Global Association of Teachers of Economics annual conference in Denver.

The conference was well attended but I am sure that there were fewer than 10 people in attendance that viewed themselves as Business Educators. The focus was clearly on university level Economics professors and secondary school economics teachers - with a passing acknowledgment of social studies education.

I find this curious.

Business is built on economic concepts. Business teachers are much better prepared to teach economics. The application of economic concepts to business and consumer problems is that students understand and can use in many aspects of their lives.

I find it interesting that a major contributor to Business Education theory and practice is the Policies Commission for Business and Economic Education. The PCBEE is supported by three organizations; the Association for Career and Technical Education/Business Education Division, Delta Pi Epsilon, and the National Business Education Association.

Curious that the NCEE/NAEE/GATE aren't a part of this process - especially when Economic Education is a visible part of the name of the organization.

The conference was good as far as conferences go - many presentations - some good - some a waste of time - many exhibitors - some good resources - some not so good.

I do encourage anyone interested in quality resources to look at the material offered by NCEE.

And I do encourage membership in GATE - its free and the potential for this organization is very good

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