Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, February 16, 2009

There actually is a blog for Sunday but it is sitting on my little computer waiting to get uploaded and I am on the ship's computers writing this entry.

We boarded the Westerdam on Sunday and Monday is our second day at sea. They landed at their private island early in the morning and Helene and Pat and Mark went over.

I have this cold that is keeping me sleeping, weak, coughing, achy and just plain miserable. I asked the others to write this blog entry because they really enjoyed the trip to the island but theu pointed out that it was my blog and I needed to report my adventures not theirs so here I am telling you how miserable I was yesterday.

I slept with the television on tuned to CNN and I have a complaint - in the morning cnn reports the same news over and over and over again - it was so irritating - but I didn't have the strength to change the channel or turn the tv off - that's how bad I was.

Around mid afternoon I felt I needed to try a shower to see if it would loosen up my head and my chest - the coughing was becoming insane - so I stood in a very hot shower for probably a half an hour. I am a shower fanatic and am very picky about my shwer experiences - fortunately the shower in our washroom is terrific - it has a large head with adjustments for rain shower and/or focused streams. It is on a telephone cord so the head can be taken off the hook and the pressure is very strong. If there is any other reason to recommend Holland America it is the quality of the showers.

After the shower I was actually a bit hungry. I made my way up to the Lido restaurant and had some ice cream, lots of ice water and an orange. And immediately went back to the room to pass out again. Its amazing how weak I am because of this cold.

Helene and the others were back and I said a brief hello. They went off for a while and I slept more.

We eventually rweconvened on Pat and Mark's verandah and I had a few medicinal sips of Jameson. It works wonders - warming the cockles of my heart.

The dinner was formal. I got as formally dressed as I ever get. nice pants, a shirt (no tie) and a sports jacket. I sat surrounded by old men in tuxedos. Halfway through dinner I headed back to the room - the fatigue seems to hit hard and fast. I was asleep in no time and when Helene called to see if I wanted to come to the entertainment I said no knowing I needed to have the sleep.

Tomorrow will be better

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