Saturday, October 27, 2007

Teacher Education

Some time ago I wrote a bit about what is crucial in a good teacher education program. We have been involved in a 'program renewal' process over the last year or so. The title is interesting as some of my colleagues insist that all we are doing is 'tuning up' a few course, while others insist that we are, in fact, changing our programs.

It is called program renewal!

We have delayed approval of the work that has been accomplished thus far to allow for a few kinks to be worked out.

One of the courses that needs to be addressed is one that focuses on the basic skills and strategies of teaching. I believe that this type of course is a very important contributor to a quality teacher education program.

Our students have all experienced school as students and some have even experienced the role of teacher. Despite this experience it is difficult for me to believe that they understand the role of teacher in all of its complexities.

And the role is complex. Teachers try to change the world, educate students, protect students and the world, support learning, students, parents, their colleagues and on and on.

The fundamental skills, when they are internalized, allow teachers to address all of the other issues they face. Without these skills classroom management becomes an issue, lesson and unit and course organization can be inappropriate, teaching can be haphazard and ineffective.

So over the next while I will be thinking about how to create an effective, interesting, useful course

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