Friday, August 05, 2011

Phase 2 Day 1

Well phase 2 was supposed to be unloading the car and getting Stacey settled into her new apartment. It didn't work out that way.

A bit of background first.

Stacey flew to Florida on Sunday, July 31 in order to get her keys and inspect her new apartment. when she and her broker met with the landlord's broker at the apartment they found a filthy, messy apartment - a frying pan with the vestiges of a fried egg was still on the stove.

Stacey pointed out that this was not acceptable and that many other things were either to be fixed or removed - the drawers in the chest of drawers were broken and wouldn't pull out.

evidently her broker had advised her that some of the things she saw when she first visited the apartment could easily be taken care of before she moved in - she was wrong.

The landlord's broker expressed his dismay and brought in his own cleaners - that took a few days - then he and stacey looked at the apartment again.

There were many personal items left by the owner or whoever of their relatives that had previously lived in the place - a broken tv, filled shelves and worst of all family pictures and other pieces of art filled the walls.

The broker said he'd call his client. Meantime Stacey's broker seemed to have disappeared.

So today - 5 days after Stacey was supposed to move in - the owner told the broker that she would not remove the art from the walls.

Stacey had been told that the art was extremely expensive - which lead us to point out to the broker that it was unreasonable to have a tenant responsible for 'extremely valuable art' in a furnished apartment and that in our opinion the art was not properly hung. We told him if the art was not removed then we felt that the landlord had not lived up to their side of the bargain and that Stacey would not be renting the apartment. The broker told us that the lease would be nullified and that our deposits would be returned - we'll see about that!Q

So as of tonight Stacey is working with a new broker looking for a furnished apartment!!

Best laid plans..............