Thursday, August 24, 2006

Writing as a muscle

I was asked today if I felt that writing was like a muscle - the more you do it the stronger it becomes. I think there are some aspects of my writing that do become stronger as I write more. Since I started this blog I have felt pressure to make an entry on a regular basis if not every day. The question then becomes what to write about?

I don't want this blog to be a diary - exposing my soul to the world - nor a listing of happenings - pretty boring I'd guess to the reader. I do want it to reflect my thinking on things that have interested me or attracted my attention during the day.

Which leads to an interesting side effect of having a blog and exercising my writing muscle - I have changed the way I pay attention to what I experience during the day. The question of what will I write about in my blog seems to come to mind whenever anything happens during the day. I pay closer attention to what people say, to what I see, read, think and do. I think more deeply about what is happening around me.

I may be exercising my writing and perhaps I am getting stronger but more importantly I am more aware of the world around me because of my desire to write in my blog.

I also read a fair number of other people's blogs. Many are like mine - factual, staightforward and not very 'artistic.' But there are many others that are beautiful to read - that flow and describe in ways that can only be described as artistic.

I found the word 'sleepwarmed' on a blog that I regularly read. I have never seen that word before but it perfectly evokes that feeling I have when I wake up, the window is open and a cool breeze is flowing through the room and I am warm - sleepwarmed - under the quilt luxuriating in sensation.