Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I've been everywhere, man. I've been everywhere

Well not exactly everywhere but it was a big day today. We woke up in Chesterfield, Missouri and are about to fall asleep in Troy, Alabama. In between we've been in Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. Quite the day of travel.

The gps is working beautifully - taking us around cities and generally avoiding any serious traffic. Unfortunately we occasionally slow down for some construction.

And without jinxing anything (I hope) I am tickled pink with the car. Today for a time the outdoor temperature registered at 42 degrees Centigrade (well over 100 F) and yet the air condition works well and the car is happy to travel at high speeds for hours at a time without getting unhappy.

We are enjoying the scenery - lots of trees, hills, small mountains (I am used to the Rockies so many of the 'mountains' here seem small). And lots of water - rivers are high, lots of washed out areas - although the highways seem fine - and enough wet, unplanted fields. On the other hand we have seen more corn growing - miles and miles of corn.

Tomorrow Tallahassee for a few hours and then onto Highland Beach!