Sunday, June 03, 2007


Last year around this time I announced that I intended to plant herbs. I got a lot of support from people. They gave me all kinds of advice and, given that I really don't have a green thumb, I listened to and followed the advice to the best of my ability - limited as it is!

Nothing grew. Oh I fooled myself into thinking that spindly little shoots were my herbs but they weren't and the experiment was a failure. I discovered that you can't 'bury' seeds - and that you shouldn't try to grow herbs from seeds in huge pots - and that you shouldn't water them so much that the seeds float away - despite being buried three inches deep.

But as you can see in the photos above something is different this year.

I bought a set of 'pellets' from walmart. Neat little things filled with peat moss and other goodies that expanded when I put water in the container.

Once they absorbed all the water I sprinkled Basil, Savoury and Oregano seeds - and just touched them with my finger tips.

As you can see in pictures above I have things growing.

Now the challenge will be to thin them out, transplant them and get them growing outside.

I'll keep you posted

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