Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cancelled Flights and the Black Rose

Saturday was our last day in Boston with Jay and Dori so we wanted to spend a relaxing day with them. We started as usual at the Panera Bakery with coffee. Jay, Dori and Helene got their first while I finished packing. I even walked my suitcase over to Jay’s car and stowed it in the trunk.

After coffee we went up to the hotel room to collect the rest of the luggage. Dori and I took it back to the car while Jay and Helene finished checking the room and Helene did the checking out work.

While we were waiting Dori and I decided to check the status of our flight. I rarely check or confirm flights so this was unusual. It was a good thing that we checked as the flight had been cancelled. I’m still wondering when Air Canada intended to inform us about the cancellation - likely when we showed up at the check in counter. The rest of the day’s flights were either ridiculous (arriving in Halifax at 2:00 a.m.) or sold out. We eventually got seats on a flight leaving on Sunday through Montreal that left at a civilized time (as my friend Judy would say) and got us into Halifax around 6:00 p.m. So that gave us another day to spend with Jay and Dori - not a bad thing at all!

So the big decisions had to do with where to eat lunch, how to spend the afternoon and what to do about dinner. Lunch and dinner were easy - we wanted Shewarma at the place just down the street on Beacon and we wanted a leisurely dinner at The Black Rose.

The afternoon was a bit more problematic - we had seen a number of interesting Judaica stores down Harvard Street but had never had a chance to visit them. So we spent the afternoon walking down Harvard window shopping - it was Saturday and in Brookline that means Judaica stores are closed for the Sabbath!

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