Saturday, March 03, 2007

Groups, Professionalism and Pictures

I've written on this topic before but I am urged to do it again so here goes.

On Wednesday of this week the Regina Business Educators' Association (RBEA) has its winter meeting. When I first arrived in Regina this association met very often and was the prime source for professional development and interaction for business educators in Regina. Over the years that primacy has faded to the point where we have only met three times a year for the last few years - once in the fall for coffee, once in the winter to have my pre-interns make a presentation and once in the spring for a 'windup' dinner. For the last few years the attendance at the winter meeting has been my students, me and just a few - fewer than 5 - teachers.

This year is different - so far 26 business educators have indicated they will attend - many of them teachers. What is interesting is that many of the teachers that have signed up, although they were either majors or minors in Business Education at University, aren't teaching in Business Education primarily.

So what's happening to make this change? Perhaps they see this as an opportunity to maintain ties with Business Education. Perhaps they want to return to teaching Business Education. Perhaps they see it as a networking opportunity. Perhaps the topic "A Course in Personal Financial Management" is attracting them. Perhaps they see it as a way to support prospective business education teachers. Or maybe they have just heard about the delicious hamball that will be served.

Regardless of the reason I am excited and really looking forward to seeing all of these people at the meeting on Wednesday afternoon. It will be 90 minutes of each of us demonstrating our professionalism through our professional organization. It will be fun.

On a totally different note - I like to play the game of creating stories around pictures - one day, who knows, I may actually write these stories down.

A fellow blogger, a friend, a terrific artist brought the following to my attention. What stories can you create?

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