Friday, June 22, 2007

Driving, Teaching and a Wedding

I am about to head into a very busy few weeks - but an incredibly exciting two weeks too.

On Sunday I am driving back to the Twin Cities to complete the last three days of the course I am teaching there. The drive is a long one - almost 14 hours - and it feels even longer because I lose an hour crossing the Manitoba border. I am driving alone which is something I don't mind. I can talk to myself, use my cel to catch up on my phone calls, listen to my music (whichever music I like and as loud as I like) and I can listen to my satellite radio Sirius.

I also enjoy the scenery - open skies, multi-coloured fields. This time I may even stop occasionally and take a picture or two

I am looking forward to the teaching days. The organization of the course I am teaching has been a challenge to me and to the students. The contact hours are the same as a regular course but they all occur in 6 day long sessions. There isn't much time for digestion and reading between the classes. Fortunately there is a week between the first three days and the last three days.

I finish teaching the class on Thursday and early Friday morning I am on a plane to Boston to attend my oldest son's wedding. My first born and the first to be married.

It is an exciting time

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