Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wedding Weekend

I've just finished packing for our trip to Vancouver tomorrow. This coming Sunday my son Mark will be married to Reesa. I am filled with anticipation and great excitement.

Although I see a wedding as the beginning of the future I am taken back a few years ago to my older son's wedding.

Having a child find the person who makes them happy is always something wonderful to watch. Both my sons, in their own time and their own ways, have found that person.

Experiencing a child's wedding never gets old. I am as excited today for Mark as I was for Jay and I expect I will be for Stacey. Although I must admit daughters are a bit different than sons.

I'm packed, happy, looking forward to the excitement and wonder of this coming weekend. The world disappears and my thoughts and focus are on bringing the family together, having good friends around and watching another one of my children take another step in their own unique and wonderful lives.

And did I mention that Riley will be there too????

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