Thursday, January 24, 2008

Get out and vote

Some of you have found your way to my blog through Alec Couros' blog and vice versa. Either way if you have read Alec's blog you will know that he has created an atmosphere of open and creative thinking. There is always something interesting on his blog and it is the rare time that I don't come away either thinking about something new or learning something

Today Alec made this entry to his blog

"I’m very happy to have made it through the first round, although I know MANY excellent Canadian blogs that were not nominated. Please vote for the blog you think is most worthy of this award."

His suggestion is to vote for the blog most worthy. I'm here to tell you that Alec's blog is most worthy so vote for him.

You can find Alec's blog at:

You can vote for Alec's blog at:

He is nominated for the Best Education Blog

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