Sunday, November 26, 2006

An Early New Years

My last blog entry was October 9 and I started the entry by saying that I hadn't posted for quite some time. Well I have to start this entry with the same words - it has been quite some time - too long.

I have been asked if I am giving up writing this blog and that question took me aback. I have been using 'busy' and 'tired' as excuses. I have been busy and I have been tired but as I said in an entry a whole back writing is a muscle - the less you use it the less you want to use it - and I am afraid I have fallen into that trap.

But the notion of making a good contribution to anything on a day to day basis is intimidating! I read blogs that are brilliant - and I marvel at the bloggers' abilities at observation and wordsmithing.

I am saying this because I have every intention of continuing this blog. I am amazed at who reads it and even more amazed at the compliments I get concerning what I say and how I say it.

So my early new year's resolution is to attempt to make a reasonable entry to this blog every day. I invite 'nagging' if I don't live up to this commitment.

So what has happened between the Rolling Stone's concert and today.?

I attended the NCEE/NAEE/GATE conference in New York where I presented a paper with Teresa Yohon on our Student Investment Club idea.

I have been to my nephew Jonathon's wedding in Montreal with virtually every member of my extended family.

I attended the DPE Conference in Minneapolis where I made a presentation on how to publish with Beryl McEwen, another presentation with Teresa Yohon on our thematic literature analysis project and lastly a presentation with Judy Lambrecht on our Delphi study of the future of Business Education.

Needless to say all of these took lots of preparation on top of my regular courses and other work.

I was busy and tired.

But no excuses - I will continue here every day - I will count on you to let me know if what I say has any worth at all